Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsors enjoy several benefits by partnering with the Dr Martin Luther King Parade Foundation. Know that you are first and foremost supporting our mission to bring about lasting positive benefits to a beautiful and diverse community, while honoring the legacy of an American hero whose life’s work continues to inspire us all.

  • Sponsors will enjoy exposure to thousands of potential clients or community partners, who could significantly contribute to their growth and health as an organization, lined along a two-mile parade route through the heart of the city.
  • Sponsors will be identified as companies and organizations who are committed to the causes of diversity, equality, justice, and tolerance, all issues Dr. King championed, and issues that are more relevant than ever.
  • As the Tampa Bay area continues to become a destination rich in culture and entertainment, becoming a participant in the bay area’s signature cultural events identifies Sponsors as companies and organizations who are actively helping to make our city a destination for all.
  • Sponsorship proceeds set aside for scholarships help fund a college education for deserving students who demonstrate a heart for service as they also demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence.
  • Foundation events provide an opportunity for employees of the business community to volunteer in several capacities for team building and personal enrichment.
  • The marketing push for Foundation events will include Sponsor mentions and callouts providing widespread awareness through print, radio and television media as excitement builds for the events.
  • Sponsors will enjoy a continuing presence on the Foundation’s website.
  • The Parade Foundation’s status as a 501 c3 nonprofit provides a tax donation for all who contribute.