Give 28 to Educate



“GIVE 29 TO Help Build Strong Minds”

The Dr. Martin Luther King Parade Foundation, Inc. has established the “Give 29 to Help Build Strong Minds” Scholarship Program. In honor of the 298th year anniversary of the City of Tampa’s Martin Luther King Day Parade, the Foundation is soliciting minimum $29 contributions from all who want to contribute. College costs are increasingly out of reach for far too many deserving students and a college education has endured as a major key to success. A $29 contribution allows donors big and small to make a difference in the future of our young achievers of tomorrow. Our theme:

“I Live the Dream, I Give $29 to Help Build Strong Minds!”

Dr. King was a staunch supporter of education for all and the Foundation wants to honor his dream by doing the same. This program is also consistent with the Foundation’s mission of ensuring lasting positive community impact stemming from the parade.

The Foundation is pleased to announce this year’s Scholarship Chair in Mrs. Gwen Myers. She along with Honorary Chairpersons Ms. Tamara Shamburger, Hillsborough County School Board Member, Mr. Bob Conigliaro, VP of Community Relations Caspers Company McDonald’s and her committee will be working diligently with local schools and organizations vetting qualified applicants. Community service hours are also part of the scholarship application criteria. Moreover, the scholarship awardees have an established track record for service as a prerequisite.

Larger contributions are of course welcome but your $29 will go a long way to helping us reach our goals. Awardees going forward will receive a special MLK Commemorative Gift and be announced at our soon to be annual Parade Gala preceding the parade in January. Our Annual Gala will be Thursday, January 11, 2018 where we officially award the 2018 scholarship recipients and other programs. Please make your contribution today! 

MLK Commemorative Gifts

$29. -   MLK Arm Band

$129. - MLK T-Shirt

$229. - MLK Print

$329. - MLK Gala Ticket (1)

$429. - MLK Gala Tickets (1) and Patron Listing

$529 -  MLK Gala Tickets (2)

Note: For each additional $100 donation over $529, a Gala ticket will be awarded. Donate now

To make your donation online, visit our Facebook page at Dr. Martin Luther King Parade Foundation “Go Fund Me” campaign, or mail your check payable to Dr. Martin Luther King Parade Foundation, 5508 N. 50th Street, Suite 28, Tampa, FL  33610.

Thank you for your donation and supporting “Give $29 to Help Build Strong Minds”.